We make high performance wooden surfboards and accessories to promote the industry transition towards oceanic preservation. Crafting each piece by hand and using reclaimed and organic materials, we create a sustainable product which takes a firm stand on eliminating plastic and foam from our oceans. Each one of a kind piece fosters a more symbiotic connection with our planet, perpetuating an uninterrupted and elemental cycle that links humans to both land and sea. Purchasing our products aligns you with the best part about surf culture, voting to help and not harm our beloved ocean.


A California native and life-long surfer, Ryan has a deep seeded love for the ocean and has been known to go to great lengths to enjoy its natural playground.  His desire to design surfboards was born from a lifestyle that alternates between surf based road-trips and and work as a design engineer / craftsman. If he's not in the water, he's likely building something to bring him closer to it.



When sourced and milled in a responsible fashion, it is estimated that replacing one cubic meter of PU Foam or PE Resin production with a wood or bio-based resin, will save approximately one ton of carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. Choosing to ride one of our products, is casting a vote towards a healthier ocean and cleaner living.


Wood is an innately durable material, lasting hundreds of years if treated properly, allowing you a surfboard that can be passed down for generations.


Wood is one of the most versatile materials that is offered on this Earth. It has the ability to adapt to its climate, creating the optimal performance attributes for every situation. As a biologically organic material, it has a natural flex and stretch pattern, in proximity to the wavelength of the human body which creates a familiar experience when surfing.