There’s an increasingly loud call to move away from plastic - from food containers and straws, to household and recreational items, in order to protect our planet. Similarly, to reduce the incredibly high plastic content in surfboards. Timber Surf Co brings high performance hollow wooden surfboards to join the fight in eliminating foam from our oceans and perpetuates an uninterrupted, elemental cycle that links humans to both land and sea and fosters a more symbiotic connection with our planet. We use zero foam, a bio-based epoxy resin, and provide boards that will last for generations.

The overall aesthetics are reminiscent of boards built for power surfers back in the 80’s, yet with modern education and shaping technology from present day. These shapes have been through endless testing and development with experts all the way from Ocean Beach, San Francisco to Killers down in Southern Baja.  Our boards are very user-friendly, suitable for surfers looking for fast, fun, and easy to paddle eco-friendly surfboards boards with a backstory. If properly cared for, this board will not only last you a lifetime, but can get passed down to the next generation of rippers when you’re done with it.