Custom Hand Plane

Check Out the Custom Hand Plane Collection of Wooden Surfboards at Timber Surf Co

Why does it matter to buy a handmade surfboard? When it comes to a product that is handmade by a craftsman who has a passion for his craft you can see the quality in every detail. Our wooden hand plane surfboards are so stunning you can hang them on your wall as a centerpiece and work of art, yet they are completely functional and able to take on the waves as well as or better than any factory-made counterpart. Wooden boards have been used since the start of surfing, which many speculate was hundreds of years ago near the Polynesian islands. The first official report was from a ship passing through the area. Imagine the wonder they felt when they looked out and saw humans riding the waves and skimming across the water like animals made for the ocean! The “sport” of surfing took off in the early 1900s and hollow wooden surfboards were considered the best available because they were both lightweight and sturdy. Fiberglass and foam boards rose to popularity in the sixties and seventies but most are going back to the days of quality custom hand plane boards that are better on the environment and better to surf with in general.


When a product is handmade each detail is thoroughly inspected during the process by an expert human eye. The boards at Timber Surf Co. have been meticulously worked with a wooden hand plane and the artist knows each and every square inch of the board by the time it is complete. If there are any flaws they are worked out or the wood is repurposed for something other than quality surfboards. Sometimes “flaws” in wood can turn into the areas where they are most beautiful because of the design. We only release the best of our work, and each board is inspected through every step of the process for strength and durability so you can rely on it as a tool out on the open water.