Eco-friendly Surfboards

Eco-Friendly Surfboards Are a Great Option if You Do Not Want to Contribute to The Ocean's Plastics and Pollution

Many government agencies, restaurants, companies, and individuals are responding to the clear problem of too much trash and plastics in our oceans. From reducing plastic waste on a personal level to halting the production and moving on to more eco-friendly blends to replace plastics were possible on a business level, to regulating the use of plastic bags, straws, and other disposables on a governmental level, we as humans are taking a step in the right direction to rectify this dire situation.


Our eco-friendly surfboards are made of reclaimed wood and use zero plastic products. Wooden surfboards are the preference for many surfers to begin with because they just feel better to the touch, are faster, and are stronger than factory-made boards. The fact that our reclaimed boards are eco-friendly and made with a quality you can see and feel makes them an easy favorite.


Browse our eco-friendly surfboards to see exactly how nice reclaimed wood can look. You can have confidence that our wood boards will perform as well as or better than any fiberglass or foam board, all while being good to the environment and looking like a piece of art. We understand how important a natural resource a live tree is as well. In fact, the movement to plant 20 million trees in 2020 is one we stand behind. This is one of the reasons reclaimed wooden surfboards are the majority of our inventory. You do not have to fret about harming the environment in a new way by turning away from fiberglass, plastics, and foams that continue to litter our oceans because we purchase reclaimed wood to make our quality eco-friendly surfboards.