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BOARD RAFFLE - 1x ticket
  • BOARD RAFFLE - 1x ticket


    Our next board raffle is officially live. Get your tickets for only $20 and earn a chance to win one of these three boards!


    SHAPE: Egg 6’8” 21.25” 2.5”, Single fin, Quad, or Thruster. Each redwood deck was reclaimed from Santa Cruz County, fellen during the CZU fires in 2020. 



    -$20 tickets with unlimited ticket sales. One sale = one ticket. Three identical shapes with unique fin configurations are available for choosing.  


    CAUSE: We are donating 20% of all ticket sales to an organization called ‘every mother counts’. The purpose of this org is to highlight and address oversight issues in maternal care to women during pregnancy and childbirth. It is a sad and inconvenient truth that over 800 women A DAY are dying from birthing and pregnancy complications. That is 1 women every two minutes. To boot, around 75% of these women are POC or from otherwise marginalized groups. It is a solvable issue that is within reach for modern medicine, and we feel strongly that it should be spoken and acted on.

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