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Splinter Twin Fins - 5.5”

Splinter Twin Fins - 5.5”


The Timber reclaimed core upright twin fin is your go-to mid to high performance twin fin profile. It is best suited for a fish or twin fin board that was designed specifically for twin fins. Additionally, it can provide good hold for a twin +1 model board, using a small 1" or 1.5" trailing center fin. These fins have great hold through steep faces and long and powerful turns.  


Fins sold as a pair


Depth: 5.5   
Base 5.4"  (Futures Only)

Area: 22.7

The wood contained within this fin is leftover Santa Cruz redwood, which was milled specifically from fallen trees for our Splinter series surfboards. Our surfboards get first dibbs on the wood, but all of the off-cuts of each board get stock-piled, processed, and converted into fin cores.

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