Wall Art Wooden Surfboards

We Have Custom Surfboard Art Available for The Surfer Who Has it All

Are you trying to come up with the perfect gift to give your loved one who likes to catch a wave? Consider wall art wooden surfboards. Browse our selection to see the quality level of custom surfboard art available and you will discover you have found the perfect gift for the old surfer who seems to have everything already, or for the teen who appreciates the sport and can recognize quality when they see it.



Custom Surfboard Art uses reclaimed pieces of the finest wood, the hands of an artist who has an eye for detail and enjoys surfing, and meticulous labor to bring out the best from the wood. We've had many clients commission a surfboard from us for the sport, then say that they almost hate to take it down from the mount and put it in the water because it is so pretty. But they do put it in the water because it is also designed by a surfer for quality on the water. If you are considering a piece of custom surfboard art contact us today.



We do commission pieces and also have a variety of completed boards that are nothing short of amazing to look at and feel. If you are opening a restaurant, clothing store, or another public venue here in California what better way to decorate than with an authentic piece of California history and art. Our boards fit just about any vibe because they are each a work of art, they are made ecologically friendly, and they are a part of the history of the great state. Call us about a project you may have in mind.