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What happens when reclaimed wood gets reclaimed again? 

If this wood looks familiar, well, it is. We've reclaimed our own waste material to create these fins. All of the off-cuts that remain after the splinter series surfboard making process get reprocessed and developed into this wooden core fin. We offer a variety of shapes, and each wood core fin is slightly different in appearance. 

Tree Rings black and white


-All of our redwood is sourced responsibly from fallen trees only, right here in Santa Cruz, CA.

-Our wood is slab-cut to thickness, not peeled and paper-backed like conventional and cheap veneers. This is a big distinction that were proud of and ensures that no two boards or fins look exactly the same. 

-Our surfboards get first dibbs of the wood, but all of the leftovers and off-cut wood gets captured and processed into these fins. 


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