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Timber Skateboard

Timber Skateboard


**Ships in 14 business  days**


This skateboard shape is the California classic. Designed initially for skating pools and transition, and refined for cruising the point, this high sitting redwood deck skateboard is made up of two key materials. Canadian maple ply cores to dial in the right pop, flex, and durability, and our signature Santa Cruz Redwood to shine and stand out amongst the sea of loud plastic printing and graphics in your neighborhood skate shop. 


These Redwood faces which line our CA Classic skate deck are reclaimed at least twice in our manufacturing process. Once from the mountains of Santa Cruz, where we mill our stock entirely from fallen trees only, and twice when they serve their first pupose as a surfboard deck. All of the off-cuts from the surfboard production get recaptured again and built back into skateboards, hand planes, balance boards, fins, etc. No trees left behind.

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