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6'2" . 19.5" . 2-3/8" . 35L


While the conventional Hatchet is a classic and retro fish shape, this iteration of the Hatchet is drawn out for bigger surf and a more modern feel under the feet. The wide point has been pulled rearward slightly to afford a more linear surfing style for larger or more sloped faces. It has a rearward set and wide boxed quad fin set designed specifically to hold speed down the line and off the shoulder. It is built with a high density frame and rail construction set to help keep it surfing literally for generations.


This particular Hatchet+ was a inventory board to showcase and demo at various local events, and thus, has seen the water a time or two. It has been cared for as best as we can, and has no visible signs of dents, dings, or scratches. To help get this board in your hands asap, the price has been greatly reduced. Enjoy! 

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