Wood Surfboards

If You Are in The Market for Quality Wood Surfboards, Check Out The Inventory at Timber Surf Co

Hollow wooden surfboards that are handcrafted out of reclaimed wood are lightweight, beautiful, and ecologically friendly. Wood surfboards are every bit as aerodynamic and utilitarian as their foam and fiberglass counterparts, but they look so much better and you can feel good about choosing a company that does not contribute to the plastic or pollution in the oceans.


Our wood surfboards are known for their beauty. Since hollow wood surfboards were invented in 1926 by Tom Blake there have been many that will not go another way than wood, even after the trend of fiberglass and foam rose. Others have started on plastic boards but are interested in more ecologically friendly and historically “correct” ways to surf. Whatever your motivation, check out our hollow wooden surfboards today, even those who do not partake in surfing appreciate the beauty and the craftsmanship in each piece.


Wood surfboards have more perks than their beauty and eco-friendly reputation. They are more solid, firm, and are reported to be faster in the water. Do not take our word for it. Try a wood surfboard out yourself and let us know what you think. Most people will borrow their friend's wood board or rent a hollow wood board just once then have to upgrade from their fiberglass board afterward because the quality, speed, and durability just cant compare. If you are ready to upgrade to wood surfboards, or if you want to add to your collection browse our online inventory or give us a call to commission a piece specifically. We take pride in our boards and know you will love them too.